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who we are

Resources for Independent Living, Inc. is a 501(c)3 (nonprofit organization) that focuses on inclusion. As a Center for Independent Living (CIL), our goals and services improves accessibility for our clients, and the community, as a whole.

Our CIL provides education and guidance to ensure individuals achieve social, vocational, physical& mental health, and economic opportunities that enhance independent living and promotes personal choice. We have served the Southeast Louisiana area since 1988 and believe advocacy, compassion, and equity is required to truly provide quality services within the community. 

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we want to be the key to your independence

Resources for Independent Living, Inc. is a consumer-driven, family oriented organization striving for positive and

effective change within our community.

Our compassionate staff delights in providing quality services to persons in need and take pride in our role as advo- cate, ally, and professional.

We provide a variety of services to as- sist persons with any access and func- tional need, as indicated in categories below:

Cognitive, Hearing, Mental, Physical, Visual, & Health-Related

Comprehensive, individualized Support Coordination is ingrained is our service delivery model, as each person is unique.


Resources for Independent Living (RIL) is an equal oppurtunity employer and service provider. RIL does not discriminate against any person employed by or seeking employment with the center; being served by or seeking the assistance of the center; or participating in, or seeking to participate in a policy making, planning or advisory body center, on any legally-recognized basis including, but not limited to: race, color, religion, marital status, sex, sexual orientation, pregnancy, national origin, veteran status, age, or disability.

It is the policy of RIL to provide equal oppurtunities in all aspects of employment, including recruitment, selection and hiring, training, provision of benefits, promotion, discipline, and separation of employees. It is the policy of RIL to provide equal oppurtunities in the provision of assistance to eligible persons. It is important to note that Federal and State laws require RIL to hire persons with significant disabilities and some programs and services (i.e., DeafBlind services) may require disability selectivity for service provision, as outlined in the relative program grants. This in no way conflicts with RIL's compliance with equal oppurtunity laws.

Disability is the inability to see Ability

~ Vikas Khanna

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